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 Currently, we offer the following services in the field of transportation engineering:

          -  Project Management for Transportation Engineering Projects

          -  Transportation Planning

          -  Intelligent Transportation System Design and Planning

          -  Traffic Engineering

          -  Geometric Design and Drafting

          -  CADD Drafting

 Our services result in one or more of the following products:

          -  Engineering plans for construction of...

               +  Roadways and Intersections

               +  Traffic Signals

               +  Signing and Striping

               +  Roadway Safety Features (i.e. Guardrails)

               +  Communications and IT Equipment for ITS Applications


          -  Design Standards and Guidelines

               +  Roadway Design Manuals

               +  Engineering Policies and Procedures

                           -  Engineering Reports

                                +  Traffic Impact Studies

                                +  Traffic Signal Warrant Studies

                                +  Roadway Safety Studies

                                +  Roadway Design Concept Reports

                                +  Traffic Signal Coordination Timing


                           -  Economic Analysis

                                +  Roadway Feasibility Studies

                                +  Return on Investment Studies

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